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 Supervanish's Test results

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Supervanish's Test results Empty
PostSubject: Supervanish's Test results   Supervanish's Test results I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 10:08 pm

Name of Tester:Master of explosions
Name of Testee:supervanish

DevPro Name of Tester:setomighta0
DevPro Name of Testee:supervanish

Deck of Tester:wind-ups
Deck of Testee:lightsworn

Manner: 0/3
Did they have manners (plz thx ect.)

Combos: 5/5
how good were the combos auto 0 if no combos

Deck Siding: 0/15
how many cards in side deck

Deck Originality: 2/10
How often do u see the deck they used

Deck Build: 20/20
-1 per card after 40

Card Usage: 6/10
how well did they use the cards

Concentration: 10/10
how well did they concentrate

Control of Duel: 5/7
did they control parts of the duel

Results of duel: 5 /5
did they win or not

Overall Performance: 15/20
how well did they play (Bad=0)(Average=5)(Above average=10)(Good=15)(Perfect=20)

Total Result: 68/105

Junk 0-59
Utopia 60-89< Very Happy Very Happy Welcome
Stardust 90-99
Quasar 100-105

i am your Evil founder thx for being here i am Not willing to duel at anytime.
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Supervanish's Test results
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